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Affordable steel buildings


Every building is constructed to fit your needs. The cost of a building includes material, labor, tax and delivery. To determine the cost of your building, we will consider factors that are particular to your project, and give you an accurate price estimate. These factors include: size of your building; features you select for your building; location of your building; and the site you plan to build on.

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When you are considering constructing a metal building, we know it is a big decision.

Steel Building Benefits

A steel building constructed by D.C. Steinle Inc. Construction is the most economical building choice you can make. Steel buildings are long lasting and trouble free. Steel is stronger and more resilient than conventional building materials.

Low Cost

Steel buildings are more economical than conventional methods due to the originating costs and reduced labor. Complete steel buildings are delivered to the jobsite and quickly erected.

Better Appearance

The appearance of steel buildings can easily be enhanced with stucco, stone, brick or glass. Metal building systems can attain a remarkable exterior that will merge with the ambiance of the building's surroundings.

Quick Construction

On average, a steel building system can be completed in approximately two-thirds the time required for conventional construction.

Low Energy Consumption

A suitably insulated metal building can drastically decrease heating and cooling expenses. Insulated roof and wall systems preserve and reassure thermal efficiencies.


It is easy to enlarge a building by removing the end walls, erecting new framework and adding matching wall and roof panels. In most situations, the original end wall panels can be reused.

Low Maintenance

Extended life materials reduce maintenance, and eliminate troubles such as structural deterioration, rotting and insect damage.